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[pct-l] Bounce Boxes

In my bounce box I kept:

Extra Camera Batteries
Pre-paid film development mailers
Maps and Guidebook sections
Ziplock bags
Mailing Labels

For what it is worth, here is where I mailed my bounce

Warner Springs
Big Bear City
Agua Dulce
Toulumne Meadows
Pooh's Corner (Truckee)
Old Station
Cascade Locks

I cribbed this info from Weather Carrot's supply info
that Mara mentioned earlier. The differene for me was
that I did not go into Lone Pine. Prefered to do the
High Sierras from Kennedy Meadows to VVR in one
stretch. Ten days in the High Sierras was quite
intense! I also sent my bounce box to Tuolumne
Meadows. There is a post office there...

Also, for those who may be interested in the hybrid
mail-drop/buy-as-you-go plan..I re-supplied for OR and
WA in this way:

OR: In Ashland, Buy Food. Send ahead to:

Mazama Village (Crater Lake NP)
Shelter Cove
Olallie Lake

WA: In Cascade Locks, buy food. Send ahead to:
Kracker Barrel (White Pass)
Time Wise Grocery (Snoqualamie Pass)

Worked for me anyway.

Also, one thing I would ammend to WC's list is that I
would not mail a package to Tuolumne Meadows for
re-supply. The store there has plenty of food for
re-supply. (Also has a decent gear selection for long
underwear, socks, gloves, hat and  some basic sundry
items like Ibuprofen, lighters, first aid type stuff,


The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched

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