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[pct-l] AT mileage

I have hiked the Blanc-Matterhorn Alps high trail and of course
they consider that the most famous trail in the world..for
the reasons of Blanc and Matterhorn being very "famous"
moutainss....well..so is K2 and whitney and the cascades...
so--go figure..

Can there be just one "famous trail"???

maybe Route 66 qualifies? The Chisholm trail? The trail the
Donner Party took? (I get shivers when I hike there!)
oops there is a pun!!! haah

At 04:55 PM 12/11/02 EST, ROYROBIN@aol.com wrote:
>svein_eriksen@yahoo.com writes:
><< Being the most famous trail in the world? Maybe, but
> most famous in the US would be a less controversial
> description. >>
>Well, okay.  Maybe got carried away there.  I would like to walk the Milford
>track some day, but that doesn't count as a long trail.  What IS the most
>famous trail in the world (long or short) in your opinion?  Not great but
>obscure, but internationally well-known?
>I would like to hear from others on the PCT-L who want to offer an opinion.
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