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[pct-l] worries about not worrying

Hi Teatree,

I did the same thing as you before my AT and PCT thru
hikes (over-planned the AT, little time spent planning
for the PCT).

The first resupply maildrop should be Warner Springs.
The PCT town guide, recent pct-l postings, and the
supply-as-you-go info on the PCT website:
has most of the info you need.

One major difference with the PCT is fewer gear shops
on the PCT versus the AT.  You might want to have a
few more items in your bounce box on the PCT.

Another decision is where to pick up your Sierra
resupply (ice axe, etc.).  Mohave, Tehachapi, Kennedy
Meadows, and possibly Lone Pine can be used.

You should check this list in a few months for snow
levels.  There are websites that will give you the
snow levels in CA, OR, and WA as a percent of normal
snowpack.  This info will give you an indication if it
will be a high or low snow (and creek level) year.

Tim CDT 02
Starman PCT 00
Camel AT 98

--- Erin Brown <ernbrn1218@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>    I have been hanging out on the list for awhile
> but haven't introduced
> myself. I am Teatree, and I am in Baltimore MD. I am
> planning a PCT
> thru-hike in 2003. I have thru-hiked the Long Trail
> and AT in recent years
> as well as some other short but sweet hikes(Anyone
> ever done the
> Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway?). My comment/question is
> reguarding planning. I
> am concerned that I am not doing enough of it.
> Before the AT all I thought
> about was the hike. It took me months to figure out
> maildrops and gear. I am
> finding that since I already have my gear (minus my
> ice axe) and maildrops
> planned thanks to the help of Yogi's town list on
> her journal(Thanks!!), and
> the town guide, that I am spending almost no time
> (other than the time I
> spend reading this list and your great journals) on
> my long, upcoming trip.
> This is concerning me. Am I missing something here?
> Is there something else
> I should be doing? By the way, I found my California
> guidebook through
> calling REI's 800 number. They were able to direct
> me to a store that had
> ONE copy left. There may be other stores that also
> have one copy, couldn't
> hurt to try.  Also, are there others out there that
> had never hiked on the
> West Coast prior to your PCT hike? Nice to meet you
> all,
>    Teatree

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