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[pct-l] My Bike Story

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I think you're talking about Timothy Lake. Just north of there on the right=
 is the trail to Little Crater Lake - actually a 35 foot deep natural artes=
ian well.

Anyway, regarding the biker around Tahoe: The Tahoe Rim Trail and the PCT a=
re one in the same for about 45 miles, starting from about 3 miles north of=
 Carson Pass (at the Round Lake trail junction) to the TRT/PCT junction jus=
t north of Twin Peaks as you leave the Desolation Wilderness . The TRT allo=
ws bikes on alternate days.

Thanks again for the cache on The Hat Creek Rim. Your folks and others in o=
ld Station - especially store manager Dave Coffman - put in extra efforts t=
o service it and establish others this summer when that _ _ _ _ was systema=
tically destroying it. We kept hoping some thirsty thru-hikers would catch =
him at it. Let justice be served!

Wandering Bob