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[pct-l] PCT Reference Books


I don't know if they're being revised, but here's my take on the two books:

DATA BOOK:  I have both the 2001 and 2002 data book.  The total mileage for
the trail is the same in both, but I think the 2002 data book might have
more landmarks.

TOWN GUIDE:  People seem to think that the towns listed in the town guide
are the ONLY towns along the trail.  Not true.  The Town Guide provides a
good base for resupply planning, but much of the information and many of the
maps are inaccurate.  I've put together current town information on my 2002
journal site (www.trailjournals.com/yogi).  This information is a
compilation taken from many 2002 hikers.  I'd suggest purchasing the Town
Guide, then amending that with what I've listed on my site.  Also, watch
PCT-L in February and March.  People will start calling the resupply places
to verify that they take boxes, find that some addresses have changed, and
they'll post that information here.


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