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[pct-l] RE: Bikes on the PCT

Ben Sabraw wrote:

> I am sincere and this isn't random trolling meant to illicit angry respon=
ses, but rather a realistic question. I still see nothing wrong with bikes =
on the PCT and the reason listed were totally inadequate.

=09How about because not every trail needs to be open to every use. When
the PCT was created, bikes were excluded. When other trails were
created, bikes were included among acceptable uses. You'd be pretty
unhappy if someone came along now and tried to take over your favorite
biking trail with ATVs, say.

> Reason 2: "The 1964 wilderness act stipulates no wheeled vehicles of any =
kind....etc. etc."  Well, I completely agree. The government passed an act =
and because our omnipotent and ever-wise government wrote this into law, we=
 shall no longer discuss said acts' merits. Good thinking, lets be selfish =
and keep the blinders on just like the stupid mules that trudge out of the =
valley every day all day from june till september.

=09If you want to discuss the merits of the regulations, why don't you,
instead of going off on tangents that have nothing to do with your

=09Why don't you tell us why you believe bicycles are compatible with the
concept of wilderness?

> Reason 3: "Bikes dont belong on the PCT for the same reasons that hikers =
dont belong on bike trails. Its not safe for the people on foot." Well this=
 is utterly ridiculous. I have done a lot of hiking and biking on multi use=
 trails and have had no unpleasant experiences with hikers or bikers, maybe=
 because I am a hiker and a biker and know how to be courteous as well as i=
nformed of the local rules, but to assume this poses actual "danger" to the=
 hiker is laughable.

>And the biggest joke is the folks who stand around and stonewall a biker h=
eaded downhill. Yeah, that's realistic. All you are proving is your ignoran=
ce and your stubborness. Do you want the biker to ride cross country right =
off the trail and tear up the flora and fauna? Do you want
> him or her to turn around and peddle back where they came from even if th=
ey are on the tail end of a thirty mile stretch? Do you want to make them f=
eel really uncomfortable and send them away with head held in shame like a =
child in timeout? Give me a break! I hope no one would consider assaulting =
someone over something like this because that is seriously bad news for eve=
ryone involved.

=09Ignorance? Standard regulations require bikes to yield hikers, not the
other way around. Who's displaying ignorance?

=09What I want is for bikers to obey the rules, just like everyone else.
You meet a hiker on a multi-use trail while you are riding downhill, I
want you to slow to a stop and let the hiker pass before you proceed.
Now if you meet me, I'll probably be preparing to step aside and let you
pass, because I like to be polite and share the trail. But if I think
you're just planning to blow me off the trail if I don't jump quickly
enough, I might just stand there. If you can be an ass, so can I. Your

=09What I don't want is to ever meet you on a trail closed to bikes. And I
don't want to see you off the trail anywhere you are not allowed to ride
off-trail, even just to avoid having to yield like you're supposed to.

=09You want respect, you earn it. You earn my respect and I'll go to bat
for you.

> I will always support the PCT  physically and monetarily, but to assume t=
hat bikes have no place within the borders on this trail is shortsighted. I=
 am not interested in riding the JMT or the Marbles or Jefferson Park, but =
I will ride the areas around Downieville, and who knows, maybe after the AD=
ZPCTKO in April I'll do a short fifty miles of PCT after breakfast!  Anyone=
 want to come along?

=09And there you have it. You and the fine gentleman suggesting tearing
down trail signs have decided whether or not you want respect. You've
made your decision.

=09And I've made mine. The question of whether or not the CDT should be
opened to wider mountain bike use is being debated. Want to guess how
I'm going to vote after this conversation?


It is our attitude toward free thought and free expression that will
determine our fate. There must be no limit on the range of temperate
discussion, no limits on thought. No subject must be taboo. No censor
must preside at our assemblies.
=09William O. Douglas