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[pct-l] Bikes on the PCT

Cascade Locks to White Pass? Seems to me that the PCT passes through a few
wildernesses  along the way- namely Mt Adams, Goat Rocks and Indian Heaven.
The 1964 wilderness act stipulates no wheeled vehicles of any kind -
including wheel barrels.So how do mountain bikers such as yourself propose to
deal with that, said the spider to the fly. Myself, I kinda like the
Wilderness Act and will oppose any and all attempts to mess with it. If
mountain bikes are allowed in wilderness areas, it will encourage many others
who aren't hikers to say "us too".
     I'm selfish, I admit. I don't want any snowmobiles ruining the silence
as I cross country ski in any given wilderness. I want it all for my self and
I've got the Wilderness Act to say I'm right to think that way
      May I suggest Moab or a billion miles of logging roads instead