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[pct-l] Bikes on the PCT

here here !!!!!!

san felipe hills southbound is an awesome ride hahahahahaha !!!!!!

anyone who uses the trail only once or only dreams should not yell too loud
when they respond to this most controversial of subjects hahahahahahaha


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> So I was mountain biking on Sunday with a fellow thru hiker and while
coasting silently down leafy singletrack south of San Francisco, my mind
began to wander back to my thru-hike in 2001 and all the great trail that
could be biked. I propose that bikers be allowed on defined sections of the
Pacific Crest Trail. Namely from the Mexican border throuh Walker Pass,
Donner Pass through Castella, Ashland to Hwy 58, and Cascade Locks through
White Pass. I see nothing wrong with allowing bikes on these sections. It
surely isnt an erosion issue considering the damage that we have all see
horses do on these section, and it definately isnt a noise issue for anyone
who has camped near a troop of boy scouts, what this issue boils down to is
the almighty dollar. The horse lobby strongarms the forest service policy to
keep bikes of the trails. I for one will never badmouth a biker on the PCT
(providing they are being courteous) and some day, I may even break the law
and bike the PCT near Downieville. Long live free singletrack, for hikers,
bikers, and yes, even equestrians!
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