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[pct-l] Planning ahead

Hi Mountain Dave,

When we decided we wanted to do some real long-distance hiking, we had to t=
our employers far in advance. I caught a PCT-bug in 1997, but it took until
2001 for me to be able to go for two months. I warned my employer in 1999 t=
I wanted to have two months in 2001. It allowed me to have two months of pa=
holiday and to be able to come back afterwards. The more people you tell ab=
your concrete dream, the more you'll be probably able to realise it. Things
often seem to have a way of arranging themselves around it. And I really lo=
dreaming about it for years. It also helped to get me through some rough sp=
telling myself: "Enjoy. This is it!"


Citeren CMountainDave@aol.com:

> How do you guys plan for something as far away as 2004? Me, I can't
> envision
> anything more than about 6 months out. Anything farther than that devolve=
> to
> "maybe some day" Makes it hard when you need to get a permit months in
> advance for places like the Grand Canyon and JMT

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