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[pct-l] What planet is this guy from?

well, actually...I can't get UPS to deliver here so that did actually
present a problem with a lot of online merchants, but i was able to
circumvent that by having it delivered to my folks in the states who
forwarded some things and just put the rest in a closet waiting for my
return.  And as far as actual physical stores go...i was looking more for
getting a feel for what i was buying in the flesh, being able to
compare/constrast.  That's the only real problem with buying everything

the only big thing left for me to buy is my sleeping bag.  i've already
settled on a NF Cat's Meow and that'll probably come from ebay.

I'm not going the way of the ultra light weight crowd and most of what I
wanted was brand name so it was no big deal to find online
retailers...mountainsmith, zeus, north face, cascade, etc.

On Wednesday, December 04, 2002 12:42 PM, Mara Factor
[SMTP:m_factor@hotmail.com] wrote:
> Y'know...  On this list and the Backpackinglight list, so much of the
> we now seek is no longer "brand name" and for the most part, it's not
> available in the retail stores here in the States.
> I'm obviously thinking mostly of packs, shelters, sleeping bags, and
> Stick around long enough and you find all the independant manufacturers
> the lightweight gear most of us look for these days and you can probably
> have it shipped to Japan almost as easily as it can be shipped in the US.
> For that matter, most of the other gear is easily ordered on-line, too.
> I so rarely buy anything at my local outfitters anymore.  REI, EMS,
> Wilderness House, etc. just don't carry most of what I'm looking for.
> Mara
> >From: "G. Vomacka" <rvodka@konnect.net>
> >Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 11:50:16 +0900
> ...
> >Okinawa, Japan currently.  There is one small outdoors store here but
> >utterly pathetic in terms of what i need...none of the brand name or
> >quality gear I need.
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