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[pct-l] Rescue Insurance and Tourist Visa

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 Since the the Parks charges 15.00 to climb, it would be easy for them to
rathole a buck for insurance.  Of all the funds the parks take in, they
should set aside a portion for rescue. Backpacker Mag stated 3 years ago, "
Only 49 cents of each dollar received at a National Park go back to that
park." Forest Service is worse with only 33 cents returned to that forest.
  Foreign Hikers will soon need to hike faster to complete the PCT. After the
first of the year, Tourist ViSAs will be cut from 6 months to 30 days as part
of the Homeland Security Game. ( This is not in stone as yet ,but is strongly
being pushed)
   Very intersting reading the list's ideas about rescue fees and and some
very good points made on both sides.  Almost no one wants to pay for dumb
hikers. Yet taxpayers ( us)  pay for  people  who eat bacon 300 times a year,
folks that smoke, or drink too much, or tailgate and never use a brinker and
other poor choices. Tax payers in America also pay for poor choices by folks
in other countries as well. Hopefully , I will not be charged because I
stayed put in a snow storm for three days or break a leg because of a slip.
We ALL may need help at some time and may not have the funds to pay at that
point in our life.