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[pct-l] Rescue Stats

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In a message dated 12/2/2002 8:30:45 PM Eastern Standard Time,
Bighummel@aol.com writes:

> They come out and pull my sorry ass back to a doctor's repair shop and who
> pays?  Should I?  Hell YES!  I'm going to ask my homeowner's insurance to
> cover (they may tell me to go take another flying leap!) of course.  It
> sure
> would be nice if Joe Taxpayer would pay for my rescue, but then would that
> really be reasonable just because it happened on public land?

Colorado has rescue insurance and it only cost $1, available at most
outfitters for $3, but still a bargain. Fortunately, I never needed it.  I'm
surprised most other states don't adopt this to offset the expenses