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Fw: [pct-l] Rescue Stats

I am forwarding this to the list per the author's request...All views and
opinions are that of the author and in no way reflect on my distorted
views...your mileage may vary....
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> Hi,
> Have you read the article in Backpacker Magazine a while ago about people
> lived through terrible adventures? It told me that while there are plenty
> of 'fools' who will some day need a rescue, there are also many
> hikers who may need it.
> Even if I don't go anywhere without my 10 essentials, plan my trips, don't
> further (but stop and if necessary go back) when lost, I still may twist
> ankle or worse. I have done so, and we have camped out besides the trail
> over a day to allow my ankle to heal. I was lucky and was able to hobble
> with my hiking sticks and a bandage, it could have been worse, through no
> of my own.
> Have you never wandered from the beaten path and stubbornly hiked on to
> discover yourself lost? Have you never ventured on a steep snow field
> an ice axe because doing otherwise would mean going back 20 miles? Did you
> suffer of altitude sickness, even when you were (you thought) acclimatised
> in good condition? Have you ever jumped off the trail because a snake,
> marmot startled you? Don't be too sure you will never need rescuing.
> To me, whether I would need it or not, is not the main argument for
> fees or not. Would introducing fees mean that people do not ask for help
> they need it? Would it mean that genuinely unfortunate hikers would have
to pay
> off their rescue for years? Or worse, if someone is actually disabled for
> would it mean his/her family not only has to take care of him/her but also
> off the rescue fee? How many of the rescues, in the estimation of the
> teams, would have been avoidable? Is the existence of a rescue team not
> and parcel of having a National Park, in the same way that rangers or
> caretakers are? How much would be a fee that would cover all the costs?
etc etc
> Saskia
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