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[pct-l] Topo USA question

Hi Jeff,

    If you got TopoUSA free you paid too much.

    I tried it on a section of PCT including Hat Creek Rim and TopoUSA had the
trail way off from where it actually was. for instance as I recall, Topo showed
the trail going down a cliff face into a valley and then back up where as the
trail actually stayed on top. National Geographic's TOPO was much closer to
where the trail actually ran. I carried a GPS unit and actually tracked that
portion of the trail with the GPS. I don't know if the whole map was off from
where the GPS showed the trail or just the trace of the trail. However Topo was
close enough for planning. Even with Topo, the maps are very old so a lot has
changed on the ground since the maps used by Topo were made.