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[pct-l] Mt. Rainier Climbing fee to double

I'm opening myself to a lot of flaming from you, as a foreigner, but:
If YOU - as in all people in the US - own the land, YOU can decide by major=
that some of YOU need to pay more for something some of YOU enjoy more... L=
a toll bridge that is owned by the state, but that charges extra from those=
use it.
There is a lot to be said against higher user fees, not in the least that
nature should not be for the rich elite, but not that it is not democratic =
charge for usage of public goods and services.
I would prefer a fee for cars entering the area, not for backpackers. Cars =
much more devastating to the environment than people who walk in on their o=
two feet, I think. Those are choices a country/state needs to make.


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> CMountainDave@aol.com writes:
> > The inference being that if a family is willing to pay $100 to $200
> dollars
> > for a weekend of "tickets" for fun, why should they not expect to pay t=
> > same to do ANYTHING in a national park or wilderness.
> Because, god damn it, WE own the national park and wilderness, NOT Disney
> or
> MGM or Mammoth Mountain.  WE are the owners.  WHY do we have to pay an
> entry
> fee to lands which WE own?  I do not understand.  If there are not enough
> funds allocated for the upkeep and maintenance of these lands for our
> enjoyment, then we, the tax payers, should sue the government for
> designating
> the lands and then not providing the necessary support for the purpose of
> them.
> Strider
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