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[pct-l] Work Party in Parks

In a message dated 11/25/2002 10:37:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, hikerrob@e=
xcite.com writes:

> there way ahead of you ,they already have a "backcountry" fee, five dolla=
r regestration fee plus two dollars a night per person. im sure if people d=
on`t complain too much(or even if they do) it will soon  be coming to a nat=
ional park(or
> wilderness area) near you.
 Actually, complaining does help. There is no longer back country fees at R=
ainier because of it.
   My fear is that if fees for climbing Rainier go too high, people will si=
mply not register and be mighty reluctant to ask for help if the need arise=
s.And sneaking onto the mountain would be incredibly easy and tempting for =
those fee avoiding scofflaws!