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[pct-l] Mt. Rainier Climbing fee to double

I guess that the "proper perspective" ought to be considered from a low
income person, living simply, with a steady but low income (perhaps even a
fixed income - retired), yet a tax-paying citizen with an appreciation for
the great outdoors.  He/she simply wants to enjoy the freedom and open
wilderness that his/her forefathers and mothers had the foresight to set
aside and pay for with THEIR tax dollars.  He/she simply wants to enjoy the
forests that the NFS has horribly squandered in massive money loosing lumber
sales over decades and decades, that the NPS has put at massive risk to fire
by decades of fire mis-management.

I guess it gets down to that we have entrusted the care of these PUBLIC lands
to a supposedly benevolent caretaker.  This caretaker has plundered and
blundered the public land trust and now wants us, the owner of these lands,
to pony up more money at the gate for THEIR mismanagement and inappropriate
use of funds and negligence in lobbying for the necessary funds to maintain
the lands for OUR use!  The blantant and disrespectful audacity of the feds
relative to the taxpayers is a shame and a sham.


Greg Hummel