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[pct-l] Toenails, PCT Preparation


For those of you that lose toenails, you might try this if you do not want
your toenails removeed via hammer or other modus operandi:  Get some
sheepskin (leather , saddle shops; hospital stores), put a big piece over
the top of your foot( under the lacing);  this pushes your heel back into
the cup, tightens up the lacing without hurting, and gives the toes more
room.  you have to have a big enough shoe in the first place. I realized on
my hike that I had been using shoes that were a size too small.  The extra
length "disappears" after a week or so of use - kind of crumples into the
toe box as the shoe curls.

In a pinch you can just cut off the top of your sock and do somewhat the
same thing, but the sheepskin seats itself against your foot, has a lot of
cushion, friction reduction surface, and it is better.

I use sheepskin now for all my foot needs!!!  Thank you sheep!!

Tooo late for Marge!!  Although something else will probably show up.  Just
when you think things are all figured out, then............

Joanne, going forth with good feet

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Thanks for the advise.  I'm going to try this out.  Question:  What size
should the
sheepskin be?  Should it be 2" square or 2" x 1" or what?

Thanks again frenchie '98