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[pct-l] Pay to Play

From: <Montedodge@aol.com>
Subject: [pct-l] Pay to Play

>    As far as rebuilting a bridge near a family favorite campground, this
> needed. While most is us can still hike a 20 mile day, many 85 year old
> grandmothers and their 3 year old grandchildren cannot. These young hikers
> 2 to 10 years old need to be introduced into the world of hiking so they
> pressure lawmakers when they are older.  Campgrounds in National Parks
> a great use in family bonding and getting Non-hikers into the outdoors who
> may not otherwise with a backpack.( Like my wife!!) Most trail work in the
> Olympics is done by free labor.
>    On another note our state parks are closing right and left and Doubling
> fees because of loss of funding. The kicker is they plan to remove
> near Deep Lake and build some very fancy employee housing!!  ( Even though
> they are having hard times!!)

The reason Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park has fees as high as it does is that with
reputation, ease of access, poximity to Seattle, etc., it likely gets many
more visitors
a year than some more remote, less well known parks. It needs higher fees
not only
because of a higher amount of maintenace, but also to have more money
to the less used, just as beautiful parks upkeep.

Every night I've spent in Rainier has repaid that yearly fee ten times.

Perhaps you could oranize a work party to rebuild the bridge? Or check with
the WTA and see if it's scheduled for volunteer work? [1]

Gray, lurker

[1] assuming you are in Washington, if not I'm sure other states have