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[pct-l] Pay to Play

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 If it cost 1000 to go to Disney, most boeing folks ( laid-off) won't be
going!! Disney is not owned by me and you, but the Olympic Mts. and all
other National Parks are owned by us. This gives us equal right to enjoy
them. ( That cannot be said with Disneyland or Pro Baseball games) As with
all goods and services, the more money you have , the more you can enjoy. Our
highways and parks belong to all of us equally though. If the government
wants people off public land, how about a 30 dollar a day highway tax to keep
the riff-raft off the highway and thin out a few folks. ( I might enjoy that
tax!!) Bottom line is these are our parks for us to use equally and my past
,present and future taxes pay for them. Any time parks DOUBLE FEES and are
not in line with inflation , they are out of line. If the park doesn't have
the funds, it's not that we haven't paid them , it's the money went
elsewhere. ( Like to a bomb to drop on some camel miles away or to support
Japan's stock market bail out) The funds for these parks are there, but
redirected to other arms of our government.
   As far as rebuilting a bridge near a family favorite campground, this is
needed. While most is us can still hike a 20 mile day, many 85 year old
grandmothers and their 3 year old grandchildren cannot. These young hikers of
2 to 10 years old need to be introduced into the world of hiking so they can
pressure lawmakers when they are older.  Campgrounds in National Parks serve
a great use in family bonding and getting Non-hikers into the outdoors who
may not otherwise with a backpack.( Like my wife!!) Most trail work in the
Olympics is done by free labor.
   On another note our state parks are closing right and left and Doubling
fees because of loss of funding. The kicker is they plan to remove campsites
near Deep Lake and build some very fancy employee housing!!  ( Even though
they are having hard times!!)
    Yes , you need to make reservations these days and have a few more rules,
 but the parks of this country belong to us all EQUALLY. ( Not just rich
foreigners and the upper elite of this country)