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[pct-l] Toenails, PCT Preparation

Hey there,
This is not a stupid question at all, and I have been wanting to tell
someone how I
solved this problem.
For the last 15 - 20 years I would loose my big toenails once or twice a
And they always hurt like mad going downhill, this was a constant thing.

Last Spring I went to ADZPTCKO and followed it up with a trip down the Grand
Canyon and
I was in absolute misery going down and finally at the bottom, I had to do
first aid on my toes to release the pressure under the toe nail. Also went
to bed with two 800 IBProfen.

When I got home from this hike I went to the foot Doctor and we talked about
removing them
for ever (I hope they do not grow back). He told me lots of "Macho guys"
have them removed, I am
not a guy but a 75 yr old woman hiker who has a passion for long distance
hiking. Well I had them removed and none of this hurt at all and no mess.  I
did not hike for three weeks and from then on just used a band aid on the
toes.  And, I have hiked all summer on lots of 2000ft drops where I never
even thought about my feet. It has been the best summer and a little winter
hiking I have ever had without having to worry about my toes.

In the past I have tried all types of shoe or boots and different types of
lacing systems and socks etc., you name it I tried it. Now I do not worry
anymore.  The Doctor told me there was a
small change they might regrow, if I see any signs of this I will be back in
his office and have them removed again.  This is a procedure that is done in
the office with no pain.

thanks for listening,

Marge (the old gal)

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Has anyone lost all or most of their toenails when hiking long distances
over a period of time?

I was wondering if there is there anything that can be done to toenails
prior to hiking long distances?
(besides assuring a good fit, doing alot of hiking before hand and keeping
them clipped)

I hope this question isn't too stupid.....

frenchie '98
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