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[pct-l] Mt. Rainier Climbing fee to double

At 01:51 AM 11/23/02 EST, Montedodge@aol.com wrote:
>--( End result is National Park
>is Country Club for the Rich)
A beautiful
bridge near the Staircase campground in the Olympic Mts. has been washed out
for 4 years on a popular family loop trail and has yet to be repaired
reguardless of all fee increases.

>From Rich: Ok..here's the flip side:

..$15 or $30 does not mean u have to be rich...the fees
were never high enuf anyway. It costs over a $1000 for
a family of four to spend 4 days at Disneyland... It costs
over $40 for that same family to have even a partially
nice meal out on the town.  To go to the show it costs
almost $50 at non-matinee time...

Therefore $30 or $75 or even $100 is nothing when put in
proper perspective...!! and yes it will take
years to repair something..I'd rather have it that way
that rampart construciton...I like to see park bridges down!!
keeps the riff-raff and non-serious (and hence not nice
usually) hikers out of my turf that I love (and respect
and care for!)

so there... I wont argue about this becasue I am
absolutley right! <big smile>...so there again!!
and my spell checker is broken so I dont want any
crap about spelling...u know what I am saying!!