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[pct-l] Mt. Rainier Climbing fee to double

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 If you want to climb Mt. Rainier on your way up to PCT , the price will now
double after april. Price per person with a private party was 15 dollars
each. If the 11,000 climbers a year don't complain, all the other Volcanoe
fees will soon be 30 bucks as well.  The old days of bumping up fees 10 or 20
percent are over. Government now just doubles ANY fee. Of course, they claim
new fee goes to train new rangers or what have you. ( I guess before new fees
rangers weren't trained) Remember ALL USER FEES STARTED AT MT. RAINIER in
1980 at 5 dollars a car and the nation has never looked back. A beautiful
bridge near the Staircase campground in the Olympic Mts. has been washed out
for 4 years on a popular family loop trail and has yet to be repaired
reguardless of all fee increases. Walmart, K-Mart, and even Sears are cutting
prices in response to our stagnate economy. Boeing laid off 30,000 employees
last year and will lay off another 5,000 soon. Yet our government can double
user fees even though our wages do not double!! ( End result is National Park
is Country Club for the Rich) A Rainier National Park Spokesman said on T.V.
what a great deal the park is for family entertainment. He said going to a
Marinier Baseball Game would cost a family over 100 dollars, but a family
backpack trip is only 75.00 or so. I guess laid off Boeing employees don't
need to go to parks anyway?  If we're lucky , maybe the fees will double from
30 to 60 to 120 to 240 in the next few years. Go Park Service!!!!!!!!!!!