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[pct-l] CHANGED!! Mt. Wilson hike, this Sat. Nov. 23rd

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Oops again!!

The Forest is open but Chantry Flat Road is closed until April 15th,
2003!! Sorry about that (thanks Mike)!

The hike will be changed to the Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mtn., then the
Castle Canyon Trail to Inspiration Point. It is 2 hours of hard uphill to
this point. From here we can either go down the Idlehour Trail to
Idlehour Trail Camp (about 15 miles RT), or go up to the top of Mt. Lowe
(about the same?). Return the same way.

>From the 210 go north on Lake Ave. to the end (the street does turn
left). On the right side at the corner is a metal and rock gateway. This
is where we will meet at 9:00 am.

Vic Hanson

PS  This trail was open on Tuesday night!

The Angeles National Forest is open again!!

Let's get out there and enjoy it during this beautiful weather!

This Saturday the 23rd, we will be hiking from Chantry Flat to Mt. Wilson
via Sturtevant Camp. It is a beautiful trail through Big Santa Anita
Canyon up to the camp and then switchbacks up the side of the mountain to
Echo Rock at the east end of the observatory on the summit plateau. It is
8 miles one way with 3900' of elevation gain, and is classified as
"strenuous" by Robinson (hike #45). We may come down the same way or take
a different trail down, not sure yet. There is water by the parking lot
on Mt. Wilson and the restrooms were working the last time I was up there
(just before they closed the Nat. Forest).

This will be a "training/workout" hike so we will be going at a good
pace, expect about 3 to 3 1/2 hours going up and about 2 to 2 1/2 hours
coming down (depends if we run or not!). With the hike across the summit
plan on about an hour on top for a total of 6 to 7 hours. Bring a lunch
for the summit. It could be cool on top so bring a jacket to put on up
there, you will be sweaty and cool off fast.

Coming from the west take the 134 or 210 east to Santa Anita Ave. and go
north on Santa Anita for 6 miles (curvy mtn. road after you get out of
the city) to the Chantry Flat parking lot. If you are going north on the
605 take it to the 210 and go west to Santa Anita Ave. exit. Just before
the parking lot is a paved road on the right (blocked by a "fire road"
gate) which goes downhill to the trail heads. We will meet there at top
by the gate at 9:00 am. An adventure pass is required to park, during the
summer they were selling them at the parking lot, not sure if they still
are or not.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Vic Hanson

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