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[pct-l] Homemade gear & the PCT

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I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some of their favorite
sites/books for tried and true homemade gear patterns? While I can barely sew
on a button, I have just met a seamstress that will happily make anything I
would like (one really good thing about living in Korea!) -- and man is she a
good seamstress!

Plans for packs are really the ones I am looking for. I have seen a few, but
they haven't inspired a lot of confidence. So, if anyone has plans to share I
would really appreciate it. I am a big guy so I need gear that really fits me
comfortably -- thus my desire to make it.

Also, it looks like I am going to be able to coordinate my through PCT in 2003
-- so I am stoked. I would like to go North-South (my home is by the Canadian
border) and if anyone has made the trip that way within the last 5-6 years,
and would like to share their stories, I would appreciate it. I will check the
archives too.


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