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[pct-l] Re:Bears on the trail

At 10:17 AM 11/19/02, Tom Simon wrote:
>I read John Brennan's note "What I noticed about deer and bears is that if
>they are hunted in the area
>you are in, they will run away from you." and I agree fully. Rangers should
>go around shooting bears with rubber bullets, in the rumps. It's for the
>bear's good to fear humans. Woops! Now I've done it now I'm going to see the
>verbal fur fly.

The bear population is increasing across the nation.

Why use rubber bullets? Why not just shoot and kill the problem bears? That
should add some fear of man.

Bears are smart, and they teach their cubs their hunting strategies.
Problem bears raise problem cubs. Stop the cycle.

Brick Robbins

I don't have time to participate in arguments:
I barely have time to instigate them