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[pct-l] Bears

I heard it a different way. It seems that Moma Bear wasn't interested in ice
cream at all.

The way the story goes Monte, a young stud in 1971 was bragging about his
...er....endowments at the backpacker campground in Tolumne. Now, while the
female backpackers were unimpressed with Monte's stories, Mama Bear, herself
a teeneager back in those days, foolishly believed Monte and followed him up
the trail to the basecamp. Unfortunately for Monte, however, one should not
disappoint a young horney bear.

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Monte used to be as tall as I am until he encountered an angry bear in Lyell
Canyon who had been relocated from Yosemite Valley after almost getting to
eat a 3 year old with an ice cream cone.  Monte was sleeping with a gallon
ice cream under his legs to help ice down his sore muscles from hiking 8.32
miles up from Toulumne Meadows in 1971.  Surgeons removed 10 inches from his
lower extremities (yep, ALL of them!) due to massive slashing and mauling
from the bear.  Check out the scars on Monte's legs the next time you see
him.  He wont admit to the bear attack because he's too embarrassed about
sleeping with ice cream and the loss of  . . . ahem.

It is also rumoured that Eric Ryback was saved by Monte's misfortune as he
had camped just a quarter mile away with 14 pounds of fresh cheese.


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