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[pct-l] Favorite Town

In 2001, I spent a great deal of time hitching from the trail to
explore towns. My favorites:

Mt. Laguna: first stop, vistas over desert after town
Aqua Dulce: of course
Idyllwild: $2 campsite better than the late Spring snow
Lone Pine: the "John Wayne" motel
Mammoth Lakes: needed the gear after the Sierras
Etna: my favorite
Ashland: on the threshold
Leavenworth: Bavarian style
Manning: beautiful lodge, awesome feeling with snow coming down,
still gives me goose bumps.

Of course, the better the food, the better the town.


> What is your favorite town on the PCT?  There are 24
> towns in CA (if you stop at each one), 7 in OR and 4
> in WA.  Also there is Manning Park in BC.
> Mine are Banning, CA.  I grew up in the small town 20
> miles west of the trail off of I-10.  When me, Jeff,
> and Monte were at this junction my dad picked us up
> and we were off to my folks place.  It was a wonderful
> weekend filled with food, family, and trail stories.
> My parents ended up taking in around 15 hikers that
> year.  To this date they still talk about all the
> wonderful people they got to meet.
> Seiad Valley also gets a vote here for their Pancake
> Challenge.  Tried it, but couldn't finishes those
> pancakes.  What a great place.
> Upon entering OR, Arkansas Dave and I stopped at
> Callahan's for our FREE Beer.  We had been reading
> these signs on the trail for at least 7 miles or so.
> We hitched into Ashland the next morning after having
> a nice hot tub soak and a comfortable bed.  Ashland
> reminded me of Boulder, CO (I went to school at CU)
> and we had a great time hanging out in one of the
> local brewery.  After going to dinner with some
> friends we ended up finding a nice place to sleep
> along the trail tracks.
> These are just some of my memories from the towns.  I
> can go down the town guide and remember many stories
> from each of the towns I passed through.  It is places
> like these that will always be apart of me.
> To all the town folk who help us along our way, Thank
> you.
> Tony
> PCT 2000
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