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[pct-l] Banning and Callahan's

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 I enjoyed Tony's folks place in Banning!! ( His Mom is a GREAT Italian cook)
So nice to get a shower and be his good friends. ( Moak and Strider saved me
in Cabazon from a fate worse than death!!) Tony's post about Callahan's
brings up memories of this Sept. when PA Jeff and I stopped in on our way to
the 1977 reunion at Castle Craggs. ( No thru-hikers , just mostly couples on
a week getaways listening to a guy on a guitar in the lounge) We checked the
PCT register on a fairly rainy lazy weekend ( Sept. 4th)
       On another note, our 1977 reunion was much too short. I advice  any
group of PCT thru-hikers from any year to have a 25 year reunion. Most of us
had gained a few inches around the middle, lost a few hairs and saw what hair
that was left turn grayer than a November Washington day!!  The PCT still
burned in the minds of all who attended though. How can you watch 20 slide
shows of the PCT from the same year and still be sane?? Easy, they were all
so different !! All ears were on PA Jeff though , as he was but a week from
finishing yet another long hike ( CDT). It made the rest of us  proud to see
someone from our crowd still out  hitting the long trails. Thanks again