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[pct-l] favorite town

I don't have ONE FAVORITE, but here are some I liked best:

Wrightwood CA - There's a very nice new motel, library with internet,
restaurants, good grocery store, PO, all packed into a few blocks.  If there
was only a laundromat!

Agua Dulce CA - Words cannot express how incredibly cool the Saufley's are.
A little bit of heaven before the heat of the Mojave.

Etna CA - You're ALMOST to Oregon, and then you find this quaint little
town.  The last town stop in the state that takes forever.  The Hiker Hut is
better than a motel, cause there's no TV to hyptonize you.  Good grocery,
internet at the library, great restaurants, PO, laundry.  Perfect place for
a zero day.  The best kept secret of the PCT.


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