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[pct-l] Backpacking food available

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Didn't you actually carry most of this food from Mexico to Canada with you?  And only upon reaching the Canadian border, finally decided you could part with your extra meals?
...I saw your bear canister on Seldon Pass....
Happy 'JO'

 John Brennan <john@frozenpoodle.com> wrote:I ordered WAY too much food for my PCT 2002 thru-hike. I'm selling some on
ebay and giving some away (for free or very little) for the cost of
To see my auctions go to www.ebay.com and click the Search tab, then By
Seller tab below. My ID is jb740. Put it in the Single Seller box. I have
mashed potatoes, breakfast cereals, and spice mixes in new packaging in
largish quantities.

The food I'm offering to these lists follows. I don't know what the
response will be, but I'm hoping to give it to future thru-hikers (PCT, AT,
CDT). Since it will go bad at some point, I'm assuming it will be 2003
hikers. My preference is to give it to those with the biggest financial
need. Only you can determine that...

So, send me an email with the reason you'd want some of this food and an
idea of what you would like.

17 bags of organic dried tomatoes (WAAAY more than one hiker could eat on a
8 bags Just Vegis dried vegetables
11 bags of corn chowder (larger servings)
30 bags hummus (regular serving)
18 .8oz pkgs Seitenbacher Brown Gravy mix
32 servings Fantastic Food vegi chili in standup Ziplok bag (small portions)
36 servings Fantastic Food vegi chili with refried beans (in separate bag)
in standup Ziplok bag
6 servings Fantastic Food vegi chili with mashed potatoes (in separate bag)
in standup Ziplok bag
20 Kitcheree (rice, pea and egg east Indian dish. Yummy with tuna)
10 servings 8-grain breakfast cereal with protein powder, salt.
Mayacamas Skillet Toss mixes (flavoring!)
5 Seafood Pasta Recipe
1 Mushroom Sauce
4 Garden Style Recipe
13 2-serving packets of miso, mostly Edward & Son Miso Cup.
Dried black beans
Dried refried beans
16 16-oz boxes of Erwhon Organic Brown Rice Cream (breakfast cereal) Sept.
2002 expiration date.
Various dried fruit: figs, papaya, others
Many 1-oz bags of egg powder (dried egg), dried soy milk, and protein powder
Over 2 pounds of organic tomato powder - Yummy!
A big bag of organic trail mix
Other misc. backpacking food.

If you are able to compensate me, even a little, for the food you get, that
would be great. Otherwise, once your check for shipping the stuff clears,
I'll send it out. I can also do PayPal.

Hoping I don't get deluged...

John B./Cupcake

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