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[pct-l] ADVERT: The Ultralight Water Fueled Cat Can Stove, Dehydrated water and Pill Food

That's right you heard it here first folks. A water fueled stove! Don't just
boil water, Burn it!! My new Ultralight Cat Can Stove is so advanced you
don't pack fuel. No fuel! None at all. It boils water with water. Just a
couple of tablespoons out of your pot and you're good to go.

Hiking in the desert? Worried about all those sucky waterholes. Does
drinking cow piss make you want to wretch? No problem. Just use my
dehydrated water. Why lug 6 or 8 or more liters of water around over parched
ground. Dehydrated water packs the same punch in 1000th the weight. Carry a
10 to 15 gallons around in a little 3 ounce can of dehydrated water.

Impress your friends, neighbors and hiking buddies. Watch them struggle
under a mountain of weight while you stroll by with enough water safely
tucked away in your pack to get you from Campo to the Sierras.

Tired of all those dull boring down stops? Want to really enjoy your time in
wilderness? Pack along a bottle of my highly compressed "Pill Food". With a
mere pound of pills, you can stay out on the trail for a month at a time.
We're not talking about the tasteless freeze dried variety here. No sir.
We're talking strictly gourmet. From Cheese Omelet breakfasts to Steak and
Potato dinners, you can have it all. For just a few dollars more and we'll
even throw in a few Cheese Cake and Banana Split pills.

Load your pack with my new amazing stove, dehydrated water and pill food and
you'll be able to hike the Triple Crown without a single town stop. Plus
you're total pack weight will never exceed 20 pounds.

Hurry order now! Supplies are limited and going fast.................

Remember Christmas is just around the corner. If that's not enough to get
you moving, remember bombs will be dropping any day now. So get those orders
in while our warehouse is still standing.

Next day delivery is free of charge.