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[pct-l] Alcohol

>Okay with all the good ideas for Alcohol stoves and other uses of
>Alcohol, where is everyone getting their alcohol?  I'm assuming it is
>not the normal 70% isopropyl stuff.  Can you get 100% grain?

	I use Heet too, it burns really hot and is widely available,
you can even get cheaper generic brands of methanol gasline
antifreeze in grocery stores.  Oddly, places that sell it also have
it on the shelf in summer, so it is a supply item you could easily
find in June even in the town of Mojave.  (I live in the Antelope
	I've tried burning both denatured alcohol and Heet, but Heet
seems to burns hotter and I think I remember somebody on this list
comparing the energy content of methanol favorably to denatured
	For short solo trips I don't use enough to justify toting the
entire 12-oz bottle so I pour only what I'll need into a 1-pint
orange juice bottle, the kind that has a screw-on cap.

Kevin "My OJ Tastes Like Crap This Morning" Corcoran