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[pct-l] RE: Alcohol

>Ben wrote: where is everyone getting their alcohol?
Here in California, we have a place called West Marine.  Thsy sell denatured
alcohol in quantity.  Pour it into clean, dry, and properly marked water bottles
(.5L or .75L) and send with your resupply boxs.  I has to ship via ground
though.  I had zero leaks in 30 or so boxes. To protect other stuff, I shipped
the small bottles in a  big Ziploc.
As mentioned, isopropyl burns dirty: lots of soot.  HEET is great too, and
fairly available along the way.  Hiker boxes had a little too, but watch out for
bottles with alcohol and white gas mixed.  Those are dangerous.
Another note: Use a .375L Platy (?Big Sip?) to store alcohol on the trail. I
went through two on a thru-hike.  They are light, flexible, and decrease in
volume as emptied.  I found the volume to be enough for all but the longest,
coldest, or windiest sections.