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[pct-l] new cheap bear can

If the inventer of this "stealth" bear can really wants to impress this
list, he'll do the following.

1. Stuff the bear can with a few ounces of good quality hemp.

2. Try to make it past some drug sniffing dogs.

I have witnessed these dogs picking up the scent of contraband from within
welded, sealed, metal canisters..

And bears have a much more sensitive nose..

But, if you sooo sure.....please, take my Pepsi challenge..

We'll all come visit you on weekends..;-)
>Ken Powers wrote:
> > When our
> > Philmont ranger showed us how to hang food in Philmont, the reaction of
> > 3 scout leaders was the same - a  Sierra bear would have those bags down
> > minutes.
> >
> > We have been told by Philmont rangers and Yosemite
> > rangers that we should not use soda bottles to carry water. They say the
> > bears can smell the soda on the bottles even after repeated cleansing
> > baking soda and many fillings with water. If the fire ant can find a
> > I believe the bear can smell it.
> >
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