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[pct-l] new cheap bear can

Having also hiked in Philmont, I agree with you.  Their method was effective for
squirrels, not bears.
In 1994 we were camped in the Backpacker section at Sunrise High Sierra Camp in
Yosemite.  Our food was up on the bear pole, and our packs were on the ground
with all pockets open, as recommended.  During the night a bear pulled out every
water bottle in our pack pockets, and bit every one that had ever contained
koolaid/gatorade/tang during its history of use, but left the water-only bottles
In 1996 we did a 300 mile hike from Camp Whitsett to Mt Whitney, then followed
the JMT to Yosemite Valley.  We stealth camped on the JMT, and marked the
territory around our tent every night.  We had zero bear encounters (nowadays I
use Garcia cans, 'nuff said).   By the way, ladies, with my equalizer device,
you have no need for a privacy shelter to mark your tent.  This device is made
from recycled materials, costs nothing, and weighs in at one tenth of an ounce.
The pattern is available for the asking.
Marion Davison, "llamalady"

Ken Powers wrote:

> When our
> Philmont ranger showed us how to hang food in Philmont, the reaction of the
> 3 scout leaders was the same - a  Sierra bear would have those bags down in
> minutes.
> We have been told by Philmont rangers and Yosemite
> rangers that we should not use soda bottles to carry water. They say the
> bears can smell the soda on the bottles even after repeated cleansing with
> baking soda and many fillings with water. If the fire ant can find a crumb,
> I believe the bear can smell it.