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[pct-l] re:new cheap bear can

In a message dated 11/12/02 12:24:34 PM, drumm@hotmail.com writes:

"Walker and Bradberry did something that was truly foolish-they walked over
the boardwalks of a thermal area and made an illegal camp on a wooded hillside
Grand Geyser."

"the two men had drinks at Old Faithful Inn and then started back to their
camp. Early Sunday morning...they surprised a grizzly bear that was rooting
through food they had left scattered around their illegal campsite."

"investigating ranger telling me the Walker camp was as dirty as any he had
ever seen. Their food served as the initial attractant, and the "sudden
encounter" with the two men apparently frightened the grizzly which decided to
defend its food supply. Bradberry saw the bear charging when it was only five
feet away, dove to his left, and rolled down an embankment. At the same time,
Walker shone his flashlight at the bear. It charged Walker and dragged him

I was working in Yellowstone on June 25, 1972. This recounting jibes pretty
well with what I remember about the incident. The "sudden encounter" was the
swatting of the grizzlies butt with a frying pan - inside a tent.