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SV: [pct-l] Questioning authority

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Yumitori writes:

> Do you have any reasons why thru-hikers should not pay the same fees,
> besides the cost?
>     There's any number of activities I cannot participate in due to the
> expense; should I also get a free ride due to my relative poverty?

A similar arguement was made against cities imposing permit fees on political
signs.  Large campaigns, ie. state-wide or nationwide, would have their free
speech rights impeded by the huge amount of permit fees collectively applied.

I guess one could argue that we have a right to pass unhindered through the
public lands.  Thus imposing permit fees for every property, upon one who
wishes to pass through many, would be an undue burden upon this right.  Does
a right like this exist?  I'm not a lawyer but it sounds pretty reasonable to
me.  If it isn't, anyone know a congressman that could carry this up the

Greg "Strider" Hummel