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[pct-l] PCT Guidebook Vol I CA - 2nd Edition, 1977

I emailed the seller to ask about the edition and copyright...

Here's what I got:

"This is a second edition ,1977."

Probably not any good for planning but I thought some of you might be
interested in a trip down memory lane.

Ah well, I'm still in the market for guidebooks myself.  Wondering if I
should just wait until after my winter travels to plan my hike in the hopes
the new books will be out.  Nah!

Anyone here have the latest published Vol. 1 that they no longer want?


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>To: pct-l@backcountry.net
>Subject: [pct-l] PCT Guidebook Vol I CA
>Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 13:07:36 EST
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>I saw the hard to find, now defunct,  PCT Guidebook Vol I CA on ebay.  It's
>single guidebook for all of CA.  I think this year they're going to split
>CA book into two. There're no bids yet and it's currently listed for $3.
>auction ends in 2 days.  $3 for shipping.  Although the description says it
>has smoke damage (it was in a fire!) maybe one of next years hikers may
>to check it out.  You're going to tear it up anyway!
>I'm not sure which edition it is, it could be a 1st edition for all I know,
>but you can email the seller and ask.  I'm fairly sure, if you need the
>ademdums you can get them from Wilderness Press.
>  <A
>item 1582198865 (Ends Nov-14-02 06:17:19 PST ) - The Pacific Crest
>Trail V</A>
>Fear not if you can't find a guidebook for next year, it's almost
>to get lost on the PCT, just follow the trail!  : )
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