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[pct-l] Blister prevention

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Hello all!
As an ex-US Navy Corpsman (EMT) who spent more than 4 years with the US Marine
Corps infantry (Grunts) and has logged more than 2,100 miles on my feet with a
light (65 lb) or combat (85+ lbs) pack (35 lbs? What a dream that would have
been), and who has taken care of thousands of feet during those many hikes
(humps) I would like to share a bit of tried and true advice. (image)>

When I hear people advising mole skin I shiver, when I hear duct tape I want
to run and hide. The only way to avoid blisters is to eliminate friction
build-up or hot spots (no kidding right?) When you apply anything adhesive to
your feet you are going to create hotspots now and in the future -- the sticky
just never seems to come off and makes your feet stick to your socks later.

The tried and true method that was discovered, tested and proven on hundreds
of feet is to use polyester dress socks (the slicker the better) inside real
good wool or other hiking socks. You have to lace your boots tight to keep
your feet from slipping around, but the dress sock takes the friction -- not
your skin. Hot spots are significantly reduced and you can keep your feet a
lot cleaner and make your outer hiking socks go longer between cleanings too
-- always a good thing.

The dress socks are easy to clean, dry quickly, help deter fungus, wick
moisture away from your feet and are LIGHT.

Please give this method a try. Your feet will love you. Plain black, smooth,
unadorned socks are best -- if you can find them with a 50/50 blend of nylon
and poly even better. IMPORTANT: Make sure they are snug - no wrinkles or
bunching at the toes or heel - loose defeats the purpose entirely.

I know of hundreds of US Marines who now swear by this method!

Oh, tincture of Benzoine is great stuff! It kills nearly everything, gets rid
of blister pain almost immediately and is great for cuts and scrapes --
nothing to big mind you. WARNING: It burns like hell when you put it on.

Take care and great hiking!!

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