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[pct-l] big bears and bigger packs

hahahahaha I'd say 99% of the seemingly personal attacks on the list
are caused by cabin fever and should be disregarded as such.....

just the other day I told my boss to "kiss off" in so many words,
and we're still friends, and better yet, I still have a job !

I chuckle and laugh at the posts complaining about the more
"convicted" posts.......they're not part of the solution, they're part of
the problem.  hahahahahahahaha

My thru hike solution would be to just plan on increasing your pack capacity
in bear hot country if you didn't have it already.  large capacity,
lightweight packs are in the
neighborhood of a 100 bucks these days, only the slimmest of budgets
wouldn't be able to afford the additional space.......what's 2 lbs when
you are contributing to the effort of trying to DISASSOCIATE
humans with food, can have a positive conversation with a ranger w/out
and can camp in that one well used spot, the only one for a distance,
stealth or not,
in the waning light at the end of your 20 mile sierra day, right where you
drop ?  It will happen.