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[pct-l] PCT Documentary wins Award.

Ok, for those of you who hiked with me in 2002, you
may have heard me going on about this really cool PCT
documentary I saw just before leaving on my trip.

This is the movie I was talking about.  I'd recommend
it for anyone considering the trip, for those who've
already spent time on the PCT, or for those who are
interested in the trail but don't have any intention
to ever do a through hike.  Seems to me one of the
things that sets it apart from the other movies out
there are that the narrative is well done and flows
well, and the filmmaker avoided the pitfall that hits
other docs ("Border to Border" and "How to Hike the
PCT") of including *too much* footage.

I'm not trying to bag on those other movies.  I
watched them, and I enjoyed them.  However, I use them
to qualify what I particularly liked about Walking the

--Iron Chef

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