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[pct-l] Bear Warnings

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As smart as bears are , I have come up with a way to use their brains
against them . Just " Duct Tape"  a picture of a dead bear with a package of
Mountain House hanging half way out the side of it's mouth to your pack and
have a slogan that says " This could be you!! " underneath .  Smart bears
don't know if you are joking or serious. Other bears may try to " Read" into
the caption and think it's a trap. In either case your food will be safe .
The down side is dead bear pictures are " Illegal " to possess in Yosemite
National Park and carries a 500.00 fine. ( Pictures may be purchased from the
Glacier National Park Office for a fee of 10.00 each and come with
self-sticking backing for use in Old Subaru back windows)  TIC

Only you would think of something like this. You've been sniffing too much of
your epoxy glue while making soda can stoves.

The NPS is too cheap to spend money on teaching bears - smart or otherwise -
how to read. They have a hard enough time with rangers.


Wandering Bob