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[pct-l] new cheap bear can

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After spending 40 years in the construction field from a step and fetch to
superintending large multistory buildings. I found engineers to be of two
types. The first they have to tell you they are engineers the second their
work speaks for them.

In Orange County we now have and incident were a construction supervisor
pointed out and engineering flaw on a ten million bridge. For months the
engineer ignored his advise now they have a 10 million dollars problem.

On your statement below were you question the authentic of my statement about
the grizzly bear ripping out the man stomach. Please refer to a book called
Death Daring and Disaster about search and Rescue in our National Parks or
1001 Incidents in out National Parks. Look on page 303 tilted "Grizzly Meal"
June 25, 1972, in Yellowstone National Park.

The many years I spent in the back country I find some of the old Indian
fables to be more true then the scientific studies of today modern day
sciences. Let me recite one on bears

At a thousand feet  an eagle and see a leaf drop. A wolf and hear a leaf drop
and a bear can smell a leaf drop. Don't under estimate the bear.


> Or maybe it's like that 'backcountry legend' I just read about where that
> Yosemite bear is so dang smart he rips open the hikers stomach to get the
> steak he just ate?