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[pct-l] Film cameras

john@frozenpoodle.com writes:

<< I took a Nikon 885 (digital) on the PCT this year, and really liked it.  I
 added a 256MB memory card and took two rechargeable batteries.  The camera
 has a 30mm-70mm zoom, not great, but better than a fixed focal length lens.

 The batteries were the biggest worry.  >>

I also used a digital camera (Canon S40) on my AT thruhike this year, and was
very satisfied with it.  It is a clamshell design that protects the lens when
it's stowed, so is a good choice for a pack camera.  It has a zoom lens with
macro mode, and can also shoot panoramas.  Canon also has a similar 3
megapixel S30 with the same features and a lower price tag.

The battery charger for this camera weighs only 4 oz, so I carried it with
me.  I used two 128 MB memory cards, each of which holds more than 100
photos.  These were swapped out from time to time and mailed home, where my
son Brian stored the photos on my desktop computer, then mailed the card back
to me.  Most importantly, I also sent a photo log home with the memory card
that identified every picture.  It's a real challenge to remember where you
took each shot after you get home!