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[pct-l] attack bears on the JMT

so far, we've read one story about some Yosemite beer enthusiasts,
one of whom upchucked in his tent and got dragged down the trail
by an attack bear.  But what do we have in the way of hard facts
that a bear would even do anything more than poke his head in the
tarp, sniff around, grab food if he can, whatever ?

again, I was more than happy to just lay there listening to the sounds
of lovely slobber and hundreds of pounds of potentially deadly animal
pound around just outside my tent, and enjoyed the snort of disgust which
I swore I could hear "dammit another bear can" clearly thru the flapping
bruin gums.

luckily, bears and mosquitos keep the wild wild, and I'm not sure that
the small numbers of hikers sleeping in good locations with their food
weighs well against the guy who attempts to dominate the bear to the
point they try to get back what now belongs to the bear, their food.


I was just able to fit everything I felt I wanted for my JMT hike in
a golite gust (around 5000 ci I believe) incl. the can, and endedup
around 22 lbs.