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SV: [pct-l] Questioning authority

> But the analogy is that we thruhikers
> should havd different rules...your weekend warrior is not going
> to strap on a pack, plan for 3 pairs of shoes, 2 dozen+ resupplies,
> or sew a tarp with a beak! Same with the interstate haulers
> and carriers. Your local movers dont have the rules the
> itnerstate guys do, same with intra v. inter-state aircraft
> and trains..so why not thruhikers! >g
> Rich

	Um, check me if I'm wrong here, but don't most thru-hikers on the PCT
start in California? So they haven't traveled across state lines yet
when they hit Yosemite.

	A more important problem with your analogy is that the special status
you refer to only applies to professional drivers, not your average
person. The Canadians don't care I started five states away when I
arrive at the border. Heck, many of the 'special rules' are undesirable
to the average person - when I'm on the Interstate, I blow past the
weigh stations, but truckers have to stop and have their load and
permits inspected. Heh, I'm sure you aren't advocating checkpoints for

	If you are going 2 miles, 200 miles, or 2000 miles, you are still a
recreationist on the trail. Same activity, same rules.


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