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[pct-l] domination worked for me!

I had a similar incident at the Center Basin Junction in Kings Canyon in
'98. Although the food was in the cans and boxes, the bear found some stray
gorp and got too interested in our packs. Yelling and throwing things only
caused him to retreat a few feet to the trees. Realizing he would keep
hassling us all night, I CHARGED the bear (NOT the other way around) while
screaming like a banshee. The bear took off and I chased him what seemed
like half way up Forester Pass, although it was only about a quarter mile,
and he never did come back that night or during our layover the next day.

[Disclaimer: I'm just a section hiker and not a trained stunt professional.
Don't try this at home, or any other time. It was probably really insane,
but it worked. No animals were harmed in this incident, unless that golf
ball sized rock between his eyes caused Boo-Boo to get a boo boo. Your
mileage may vary.]


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From: <CMountainDave
> Because I totally dominated him (I initiated, he responded, NOT the other
> around) and he knew better than to mess with me. He KNEW who the boss was.
> got his respect by defending MY food just like he would protect HIS food.