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[pct-l] Boxes for resupply

     > Do you think it makes sense to use heavy-duty boxes (moving boxes
from a
> Uhaul or Ryder) or would lighter boxes that I could pick up from liquor
> stores or discount clubs still work fine?  I want to start sorting all
> stuff into individual resupplies, but I'm trying to make informed
> before I storm off to buy packaging supplies.

Hi Jesse,

Try collecting once used shipping boxes from friends especially right after
the holidays. Amazon.com boxes are great because they're the right size and
heavy duty. Use liluor boxes during the interim to sort. As long as you're
shipping, think about including a one use box or big tablets of Tide rather
than pay $1 in laundromats. Double bag so the smell doesn't get to the food.
We also liked motel shampoo and lotion (also collect from friends and
family) at stops like Old Station that had showers but no supplies. My
dentist gave us 30 sample packets of  Crest which are nice to ship one per
box and smaller & lighter than a tube. Throw in a new pair of sock in some

I agree that packing boxes is a great anticipatory activity.

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