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[pct-l] Boxes for resupply

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>> Do you think it makes sense to use heavy-duty boxes (moving boxes from a
Uhaul or Ryder) or would lighter boxes that I could pick up from liquor
stores or discount clubs still work fine?  I want to start sorting all this
stuff into individual resupplies, but I'm trying to make informed decisions
before I storm off to buy packaging supplies. <<


You've got a couple of options here. For those drops that are Post Offices
you can send Priority Mail. This cost a bit more, maybe a couple of bucks,
but gives you a couple of options. First, if you don't open the box, you can
forward it on to another Post Office or back home, if you're off the trail,
for no additional cost.  Second, the cost of the box and packing tape is
free. You don't even need to go to the Post Office to pick them up. Go the
USPS website order your supplies and they will be delivered to your home for

The free boxes are also available from UPS for those re-supply points that
aren't serviced by the Post Office. Check the PCTA website to determine
which is which.